Suraiya Kasim

Copenhagen, Denmark

I have been listening to the audios posted on the sacred drops regularly. Islam and it's teaching are taught and explained beautifully in all the audios. It just makes you fall in love with our beautiful religion and motivates you to become a better person. What I have learnt is that Islam is a practical religion of peace and that gives me hope in these times of uncertainty and confusion. God bless everyone associated with Ta'meer and Al-Ilm institute.

A Listener

Alhamdolillah it's been such an honour that Allah SWT makes us a part of this authentic Islamic knowledge. In this era, we are such blessed people to have such platforms like Ta'ameer. Ustazah Aiasha Amir's lectures are life transforming Beiznillah. Jazakomullaho khyran Aiasha.

Shireen Hussain

The first time I heard Aisha Amir speak was when I, by chance, listened to a few episodes of Surah Yasin Series.  I was spellbound and since then, have tried to listen to whatever is available from her.  She has a simple and direct approach to the Quran. She has her mind attuned to all the problems the Ummah is facing these days.  The beauty of her lectures is how she introduces solutions to these problems through the Quran. Her focus is not only the women of the Ummah but she also gives intense attention to the most pressing problem we are all facing today - that of connecting our youngsters to the Quran.  May Allah grant her all the strength and wisdom she needs in pursuing this noble cause.  May Allah SWT make her among the Mukhlaseen  - those whose actions are purely for Allah and may He reward her accordingly both in this dunya and the next.  In sha Allah. Aameen

Sehrish Gulzar

This group is benefiting me and so many others more than you can even imagine.....Girls who were far away from deen are getting near to Allah SWT just by listening to your lectures. Allah SWT has given you this ability to connect to all age groups. I really wish you could post more, people like me who cannot go out to join classes are in much need of learning more about the Quran and Hadith. I regularly send your lectures to my friends who live in small cities like Sukkur and Khairpur who don’t have any other means to learn, you are their only hope. Just wanted to tell you that you are the source of my sanity. Without your lectures, I would have been lost... May Allah SWT keep you in my life forever, and may Allah SWT shower heaps of Ajar for the entire Ta'meer team and may Allah SWT bless you with a place in Jannah right beside our Prophet PBUH. Ameen.

Shaista Omar

A few months back I started listening to Aiasha Amir’s lectures and from day one I noticed that she is addressing the issues, which our generation is facing nowadays and she also tells us solutions from Quran and Sunnah. She addresses issues in her lectures with a very polite and effective manner and it directly enters our hearts. She always has new topics with the latest research. May Allah help her in spreading the message of Islam from East to West. Aameen

Sadia Munir

The audios we receive on Sacred drops are very beneficial for me because whenever I travel, I listen to the audios which, in turn, makes me learn a lot about small aspects of ibadat which I had never thought I was doing wrong. By listening to such audios, especially when you are travelling, you learn etiquettes of daily life, maintaining your hijab and being polite. Moreover, I get so many requests from my friends and family to be added to Sacred Drops WhatsApp group whenever I happen to send these audios to them, which I feel, is the best source of Sadaqah e Jaariah for me and for the entire Sacred Drops team. It is the best source of gaining authentic Islamic knowledge and also helps in keeping ourselves away from non-sharia things which used to be a part and parcel of our daily lives. May Allaah SWT give you the best ajar for being such a lovely polite teacher and mentor for all of us. Lots of love 😘

Shazma Sohail

For years I have been searching for a credible and accessible speaker. I feel I have found such a one in this group. Her lectures have a sense of attainable reality about them and don't portray Islam as an unachievable virtue, and are inviting as to make the listener want to continue. I highly recommend all in my circle and beyond to listen to her lectures. I pray for further success in her endeavours and that Allah makes it possible for her to open an institute in Sialkot.