Q: What does Daura e Qur’an means?

Q: Status of Fasting in Rajab?
February 27, 2020
Q: Status of Fasting in Rajab?
February 27, 2020

I want to ask a question; we’ve been hearing the term Dawrah e Qur’an being used for a few years, but what does this term really mean? Is any such thing proven from any authentic Ahadeeth? I really want to know if it is legally proven.
I will wait for your reply.

Assalamu alaikum wrwb:

The term dawrah literally means rotation / repetition in terms of reading.

It is derived from the practice of the Prophet SAW of Ramadan with the Quran.

Yes he knew Arabic, and the Sahabah RAA knew Arabic so they were not handicapped because of the translation of the Ayahs but yes most of their time in Ramadan was spent in the recitation of the Quran because for them it was easy to understand.
Now we may ask, why do we do this practice when the Prophet SAW and the Sahabah had never done this?

Is this just a la ilmi (ignorance) when we claim this?
Or perhaps lack of understanding.
We should be clear about one thing; in relation to understanding the tradition of Islam, it is best to go to the root, to find authenticity.
However, we have to simultaneously see how the Sahabah took this to the next generations – how the tabi’oon took it to the next generations – how this repetition applies to us where most of us are unaware of what we are reciting.

So yes absolutely what people do in Ramadan in the form of Dawrah e Qur’an is absolutely an Ahsan amal (In shaa Allah).

We need balance.
Listen to it, bring khushoo’ in your obligations.
Don’t forget to recite the Quran.
Keep a time to memorise if there is a possibility.
Display exemplary character to your family.

Everything must go in accordance.

Hope this is clear.

Aiasha Amir

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